Hearing is not listening! // Entendre n'est pas écouter!

Ashoka Tomatis Centre

Bring Your Life into Balance! / Restaurer l'équilibre dans votre vie !
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Tomatis Method

Your ear is not used only for hearing. Well-tuned listening has an impact on concentration and memorisation and promotes personal development.

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There are many approaches to psychotherapy today. According to neuroscientists those that stimulate the brain-body link work the best and most quickly to restore balance in life.

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Use your voice to boost your brain. Forbrain award-winning technology enhances language and learning.

Ashoka Tomatis Centre

About Us / A Propos de Nous

Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

◊ Psychotherapist ASP ◊ Supervisor
Therapist and Specialist in Systems Interventions

The systems approach corresponds the best to my way of working and seeing the world because it takes into account the whole person in their home, work and social contexts. Depending on the needs of the consulting individual, couple or family, I compliment this approach with my training in other fields. I may also use one or more of the following tried and true tools which use one’s body-brain link to heal oneself: Tomatis Method, EMDR, Forbrain, etc.

I belong to the following professional associations:
◊ Swiss Association of Psychotherapists Association (ASP)
◊ European Family Therapy Association (EFTA)

I am on the following insurance lists: “Santé Suisse” + “United Nations” + “AI”

Testimonials / Témoignages

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